Participants will need to make their own accommodation arrangements.  



Arranging accommodation in Kommeno bay will give you more flexibility in terms of conference attendance as well as access to beautiful scenery and sandy beaches. The area includes a few restaurants and cafes too. It is likely to be peaceful during the shoulder season of October.


Accommodation options include: 


1. Rodostamo Hotel & Spa (this hotel is the closest to the conference venue). Price range: Luxury

2. Grecotel Eva Palace Price range: Luxury

3. Elite Corfu Price Range: Budget



Arranging accommodation in Corfu town will give you the opportunity to explore the beautiful town and its surroundings. We anticipate that a large proportion of conference participants will be based in the town. For this reason, we will provide free morning and end-of-day shuttle transfers for the duration of the conference. Shuttles will pick up participants from the area the Old Fortress. There may also be an additional stop on the other side of the Old Town depending on participant locations. If you want to stay in Corfu town, our recommendation is to book accommodation in the Old Town area. 



We will collect information surrounding participants’ accommodation nearer the time of the conference and announce a shuttle schedule. We will also provide information surrounding public transport and taxi phone numbers for your convenience. 


Accommodations near the pick-up spot include: 


1. Bella Venezia Price: Mid-range 

2. Locandiera Price: Budget 

3. Arcadion Hotel Price: Mid-range


Aside hotel options, the Old Town area offers a wide range of apartments and airbnbs in particularly good prices given the time of the year.  

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