Executive Officers

  • President - Prof. Ignace Glorieux, PhD (Belgium) e-mail: Ignace.Glorieux[at]vub.be
  • Vice President - Hannu Pääkkönen, PhD (Finland) e-mail: hannu.paakkonen[at]stat.fi
  • Vice President - Prof. Liana Sayer, PhD (USA) e-mail: lsayer[at]umd.edu
  • Secretary - Prof. Minna Ylikännö, PhD (Finland) e-mail: minna.ylikanno[at]utu.fi
  • Treasurer - Joeri Minnen (Belgium) e-mail: joeri.minnen[at]vub.be
  • Treasurer - Theun Pieter van Tienoven, PhD (Belgium) e-mail: t.p.van.tienoven[at]vub.be


Council Members

  • Council Member for Africa - vacant post
  • Council Member for Central and South America - Prof. Jorge Rosales-Salas, PhD (Chile) e-mail: jorge@jorgerosales.cl
  • Council Member for Eastern Europe - Csilla Sebok, PhD (Hungary) e-mail: sebok.csilla@gmail.com
  • Council Member for North America - Prof. Ugo Lachapelle, PhD (Canada) e-mail: lachapelle.ugo@uqam.ca
  • Council Member for North and East Asia - Prof. Masago Fujiwara, PhD (Japan) e-mail: m-fujiwara[at]u-shimane.ac.jp
  • Council Member for Oceania - Prof. Lyn Craig, PhD (Australia) e-mail: lcraig[at]unsw.edu.au
  • Council Member for South Asia & Middle East - Prof. Indira Hirway, PhD (India) e-mail: indira_hirway[at]yahoo.com
  • Council Member for Western Europe - Mr. Kai Ludwigs (Germany) e-mail: ludwigs[at]happiness-research.org


If you have any interest in becoming a council member, please contact using the contact form.