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The International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR vzw) facilitates exchange of ideas, methodology, and data collection techniques among researchers and compilers of official statistics regarding daily activity patterns and changes in people's behaviour over time.


45th IATUR conference

The 45th IATUR conference will take place in Tokyo, Japan on 28-30 November 2023. The event will take place in the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo. This year's conference theme is Sustainable Society and Time Use Reserach. The call for abstracts (deadline 31 July) is now open. Registration (Early Birds deadline 15 September) is open too. More information on the conference can be found here.


IATUR Elections

In 2023, IATUR will hold elections to renew the Executive Board and the Council. The Executive Board has the following positions: President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary. The Council is composed of a representative of each region within IATUR, and currently has a representative from Africa, Central and South America, Europe, North America, North and East Asia, Oceania, and South Asia & Middle East.

Members of IATUR can apply for any of the positions within these two bodies. Applicants for the Executive may apply individually for a particular position or as a team for several or all positions. To apply, please send an email to the current president (Ignace.Glorieux@vub.be) stating your name and the position for which you wish to apply, together with your CV, your motivation and your vision on how to fill your position. Candidacies will be collected until June 30, 2023. As stipulated in the IATUR bylaws the new Executive will be elected by the Executive and Council members, new Council members will be appointed by the Executive.

The new Executive and Council will be presented at the IATUR annual General Assembly in Tokyo in November 2023.

If you are thinking of presenting a candidacy, you can find below the main roles and responsibilities for the IATUR Executive Committee.

Roles of the Members of the IATUR Executive Committee 

(a) The President is responsible for: 

  • General management of the Association; 
  • Representing the Association at international meetings and in local, regional and international media; 
  • Chairing executive committee and general meetings; 
  • Working with the Treasurer to raise funds for the association. 

(b) The Vice-President is responsible for: 

  • Assisting the President in the general management and promotion of the Association 
  • Liaising with national statistical and international governmental organisations 
  • Chairing executive committee and general meetings when the President is not available 
  • Identifying policy applications based on time use data 
  • Working with the Managing Editor of the Journal 

(c) The Secretary is responsible for: 

  • Organising meetings of the executive committee, annual general meetings and special meetings 
  • Managing organisational guidelines 
  • Participating in the organisation of all IATUR conferences and events 
  • Managing the IATUR archives 
  • Informing the time use community of publications, data, events, resources, and organisational matters
  • Managing the website in collaboration with the Treasurer
  • Managing membership administration and institutional affairs in collaboration with the Treasurer 

(d) The Treasurer is responsible for: 

  • Collecting dues, managing accounts and other funds of the Association 
  • Arranging audits 
  • Collaborating with the President to raise funds for the Association 
  • Managing the website in collaboration with the Secretary 
  • Managing membership administration and institutional affairs in collaboration with the Secretary 

(e) All Members of the Executive Committee are responsible for: 

  • Co-ordinating ethical standards in the field 
  • Promoting IATUR and time use surveys to agencies that could use or fund time-use surveys 
  • Promoting high quality standards time use data collection, data harmonisation and analysis 
  • Mentoring newly appointed or elected members of the Executive. 

Roles of the Members of the IATUR Council 

(a) Members of the Executive attend Council Meetings to: 

  • Report on work the Executive’s work 
  • Answer questions and concerns from Council Members about the functioning of the Association 
  • Provide input for items on Council Meeting agendas based on their expertise

(b) The immediate past-president attends Council Meetings to offer input based on her or his expertise. 

(c) The Council Members representing geographic regions will: 

  • Choose among them who will chair Council meetings 
  • Monitor time-related research, data collection and related events in their region, and attend meetings as needed 
  • Periodically write regional reports for the Time Pieces section of the JTUR
  • Promote activities of the Association within their region 
  • Act as a check on the activities of the Executive


IATUR membership

If you have registered on the IATUR website you are able to become a member of IATUR vzw by clicking on this link. Your membership dues facilitate the information distribution in which IATUR engages, provision of financial support to some participants at conferences, IATUR publications, including the  new JTUR, and maintaining the connected network at the heart of the time use data collection and research community. You are also able to regsiter for IATUR vzw conferences and other IATUR vzw events at lower rates. 

IATUR offers a reduced membership and conference fee for students, people who have retired from employment, and people based in a low income economies. To see the criteria for eligibility for these reductions, select this option in your Profile under the Billing tab. If you meet these criteria, please upload evidence of your eligibility. You will be notified by e-mail if your request for this reduction is approved. This reduction only applies after you receive this confirmation e-mail. Please do not pay for your membership and/or conference fee before you have received this e-mail. We normally take up to 3 working days to process requests. In August, requests may take longer to process.

Note that IATUR now offers a discounted annual membership renewal rate to people who keep their membership dues current over consecutive years. You will be automatically invited to renew you membership at this discounted rate next year.

Annual IATUR membership dues

Full annual rate

Consecutive year payment discount rate

Standard membership



Student, developing country, retired




Journal of Time Use Research

Behind the scenes a number of dedicated people have been working hard to make a restart of the electronic International Journal for Time Use Research (eIJTUR). This restart involved a name change to Journal of Time Use Research (JTUR) and a reformulation of the journal’s aim and scope. JTUR is a double-blind refereed journal, it is published by IATUR vzw and has open access policy. New publications will appear online immediately. Publications from the previous eIJTUR journal are freely available in the archive JTUR. An online submission system will be available soon, but manuscripts can be submitted already by emailing to editor@iatur.net. Submission guidelines can be found on the website. Currently, JTUR is looking for people to join the editorial board. If interested, please contact us at editor@iatur.net.