How can time use research inform local time policies?

The pre-conference workshop wants to bring together researchers and policy-makers and public servants from city councils all over Europe.

The goal is to discuss together how can time use research support local policy challenges. To that end, the workshop will have the participation of city council employees and politicians together with IATUR researchers. The workshop will be facilitated by an expert on workshop conduction that will propose a series of exercises to help the participants discuss the challenges proposed and unveil potential synergies and needs.

Additional information about the workshop will be added as the cities and towns that will participate are confirmed.


To facilitate the dynamic, the workshop will be limited to 15 people (from the IATUR researchers part). The acceptance will be done on the basis of first-come, first-served. A waiting list will be kept in case there are cancellations.

To ensure that the communication flows amongst all participants, there will be two workshops, one in catalan and one in English. We encourage catalan-speaking researchers to sign up for the catalan workshop.