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Ahmed - Child Support and Foster Care

Barcelona Time use initiative - Connecting Time Use Research with Public Policies, Organizations and Society

Bieser - Visual Exploration of Time Use Data to Support Environmental Assessment of lifestyles

Bo - Gender inequality and the tempo of life in 87 countries

Bo and Dukhovnov - Tell me who's your neighbor and I'll tell you how much time you’ve got

Bo et al - Time in Schools in the United States

Camenzind - HETUS Guidelines Eurostat

Choong - Gender Inequality and Unpaid Care Work in Malaysia

Dramani - Cost of Domestic Work in Senegal

Drotning - Unequal Marriage Returns

Ellwood - Time study of executive women

Enokson - Time Use policy or Flexibility

European union - abreviations



Freeman - Time Use of Millennials

Gernig - Social Time Structures and Policies of Time

Glorieux - Measuring gender equality by means of time-use data

Hoang and Knabe - Time‐Use, Unemployment, and Well‐Being

Hoxhaj et al - On the road to integration

Kim et al - How does seniors media time and contents change over time

Klünder - Food Work in German Families and How it Relates to Time Use and Everyday Life

Lee and Stafford - Change and Continuity in Housework

Michelson - Time as a Zero-Sum Game

Minnen and Glorieux - Pedestrian Area Brussel

Mohedano - A new initiative for a dialogue between scientist community and public policies

Mullens - Leisure time patterns of time poor and time rich women

Negraia and Yavorsky - How do U.S. Parents Feel about time with children

Ninka - Modernization efforts in Europe and beyond

Paakkonen et al - Developing the Finnish XCola online diary

Pallas and Stinus - Boosting new time use in companies

Payne and Vaassilev - Creating a feasible platform for 21st century time use data collection

Ramirez -Commuting time and wellbeing of workers in mexico city

Rosales-Salas et al - Time Poverty in Chile - how to measure it?

Sabbe - A concrete example of ongoing work in Belgium and Germany on modernisation - the SOURCETM project

Salazar - Modernizing time use surveys

Shandra - Disability and patterns of leisure participation across the life course

Shirakawa - The influence of housework hours on female labor force and its future measures in Japan

Song - Earnings Inequality, Time Use and Subjective Wellbeing

Wikle et al - Companionship Patterns and Emotional Affect During Social Interactions for Adolescents With and Without Siblings