Presentations available for download

Presentations of the 40th IATUR conference are available for download on the conference session page.

Time for Us - Celebrating Time Use Research

Hungary has a long history in time-use research, spanning back to the 1960s, when the wide-range application of time-use analyses began to flourish. In several countries, including Hungary, the early 1960s was the first period when time-use data recording was conducted on a national sample. Based on this research, an international comparative time-use research project took place led by Hungarian sociologist Alexander Szalai in 1965. This ambitious project analysed daily time-use in urban and suburban populations in 12 countries – a unique and exceptional direction in research. His study laid the foundations of time-use methodology, which is still in use worldwide.
The first meeting of the International Association for Time Use Research (IATUR) took place in Varna, Bulgaria in 1970, when IATUR still belonged to one of the International Sociological Association (ISA) thematic groups. The first independent IATUR conference was hosted in Budapest in 1988. Since then, no IATUR conference had been organised in the capital of Hungary – which is why we feel privileged to host the 40th IATUR conference in Budapest again. Celebrating this round anniversary, we are going to organize a fascinating Jubilee Conference at the beautiful city of Budapest – a city often quoted as the Paris of Eastern Europe.
The title of the conference, Time for Us – Celebrating Time Use Research, reflects our desire to have an interdisciplinary encounter by opening the topic of the conference to all researchers working on time-use related research in any field of the Social Sciences.